My lady,

The return to Sanctum was heralded by the discovery of azure, considered by some to be the very essence of magic itself distilled in liquid form. Wonders and horrors alike were performed with the liquid, and many wars were fought over it's possession.

The rise of the kingdom of Eldrick was emblematic of effect that azure had on people. With azure fueled magics the kingdom was able to accomplish incredible things, that magicians of the time could have only dreamed about, yet at the same time, the temptations and power of it drove them to commit atrocities that rivaled all that came before.

What next lies in store for Sanctum?

Will it be saved from the darkness lurking within it. The creatures both mythic and mundane that seek to profane it's power for their selfish gains?

Or will it plunge deep into the abyss of greed and ambition, spiraling ever further towards chaos and evil? Only time will tell...
- Lord Tavis

Dark Sanctum