Eldrick is a powerful kingdom within the Sanctum. It’s wizards at the Amber Tower discovered vivabinding and it holds the vast azure fields that are the Ashlands. It’s king uses tonics that keep him from aging.


Eldrick is built upwards more than any other kingdom in the Sanctum. Though still surrounded by the mines that were once the focus of Eldrick’s economy, the bulk of Eldrick has become towering structures that rise in some cases above the clouds. These structures are connected by a vast network of bridges. Most residents don’t have their own home anymore but rather rent space within one of the massive structures. The building of these structures is thanks to the Titans, three massive animated statues that serve the kingdom of Eldrick and are always, day and night, building on to it and fixing it.

Travelling within Eldrick

Though there are ground floor entrances into Eldrick, this involves scaling a great many more stairs than most would care to. Most people get to the higher more populous regions and back down again by use of griffon riders, who ferry people around the city for a nominal fee. Once in the higher regions they can use the complicated bridge network to get from place to place. When people wish to leave with a large cargo, they take it to one of the droptowers, which are massive cylindrical towers that have a platform that is lowered by chain to ground floor.


Most of Eldrick’s economy is based off of their azure trading and their many magical and tonic based products. They used to have several farms beneath the city, but the city itself became so large that it started to keep sunlight from the fields and they eventually failed. Using azure enhanced magic, they seeded the tops of some of their structures to be able to grow food for the kingdom. These became known as farmtops. Despite these farmtops, food is still the number one import to Eldrick, as it’s population’s need far outnumbers it’s current ability to produce.


  • Amber Tower – Once the tallest structure in the city, it is now the shortest. Despite having been surpassed in height, the tower is still one of the most revered Eldrick buildings as it remains the gathering point for the most powerful and intelligent wizards in all of Sanctum. Almost all of the wonders of Eldrick wouldn’t be possible if not for their research.
  • The Spire – The Spire is the highest point in all of Eldrick, and it is where the king sits on his throne and overlooks over his kingdom.


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